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September 13, 2010
Eats. @ 10:21 AM

[Sorry, the pics get blur and kind of pixelated when I put them large so it's back to smaller-sized ones for now =_=]

Finally back from KL. Back to laptop :D I shall not abandon you for so long again! Trip didn't start off very well with my MP3 going haywired that day. I bet everyone's gonna laugh at me for being kiam and ending up with this. Saaadness. ):

I realized 90% of the photos I took in KL are food pics. So that's what this post is gonna be all about...

Before that, thank you calamine lotion for helping my stubborn rashes to heal! Feel much better now! :D I'm still not very sure what stimulated it still...very suspicious of red wine lol.

Onto the food. First meal of the trip was on AirAsia so I'll skip that. I don't think you are interested in knowing about it anyway. First half of the flight I was reading Readers Digest and the Travels Magazine tucked in the seat pocket in front. Then it was meal time. The instant I finished eating I felt so so bored. No choice but to sleep. Thus I was energetic enough for movies at the hotel after reaching. I'm actually wondering if the time I spent watching tv in KL for the 4 days trip is longer than the time I spent watching tv in Miri for the past 3 months. For all I know, it could very well be true.


Breakfast at "Room Eighteen". I'm pretty sure I came across this restaurant's name somewhere before lol.

After breakfast Mum got 'stucked' in Marks and Spencer. My dad went off by himself and came back to find me still sitting on the waiting room sofa with earphones plugged in and told me to go out and walk around. We wandered around camera shops and wound up in Borders the bookstore. Then it was my turn to get 'stuck'. Lost track of time snuggled up in the reading corner, immersed in a James Patterson.

When I pulled out of it, I couldn't find my dad in the bookstore anymore. (He didn't see me in there, waited outside for ages and left XD sorrry!) Called mum but she never picked up her phone so I spent an hour walking from end to end of the mall looking for her and my sister but to no avail. Returning to Borders, I found my dear seat occupied and stood reading instead until I got through to my mum.

Lunch at a Korean food stall! :D It's called Ko Hyang, meaning hometown. Quite recommendable.

Pear juice. ^^

Bibimbap. Would have ordered it if not for the rashes, didn't dare to take much egg and prawns. TT

Chicken bulgogi.

Took us ages to look for a place to have dinner cause everywhere it was ''full house''. In the end we just opted to wait at Din Tai Fung. I slipped away to the Japanese store nearby and stared at the vast amount of Pocky there wistfully. Before I convinced myself to sneakily buy some, dad appeared and say we can enter the restaurant already. Sigh. Never mind, I still have one packet at home hehe.

The significant dish every table seems to have -- Xiao Long Pao.

Tofu with mushroom and seaweed? Gosh I hate the colours.

Vege. Kangkung I think.

Prawns deep fried in salted egg. I felt like throwing tantrum like a kid because I had to stay away from them in case they worsen my rashes. In the end I still got to eat one though, my parents probably thought I was grumbling too much hahahah. Point is, the prawn was seriously yummy. I want moooooree!


Woke up at 5 something to bid goodbye to my sister who was flying off to England already. My parents sent her off to KL Sentral from where she takes the train to the airport whilst I continue tossing in bed for a little more while cause of sore legs feeling very energy-less.

Plain porridge! Such a big bowl right. Back to Room Eighteen again for breakfast since there doesn't seem to be much options. We actually went to Kim Gary, sat down, looked at the menu and left though. XD I still don't understand why it's so crowded every morning.

Yew-Char-Kuay. *no idea how to spell this thing*
Then it was time to meet up with CK and LZ! Goodness, the time we spent walking around deciding where to eat. My late breakfast was mostly digested already by the time we settled down at Canton-i in The Gardens.

I don't remember whether this is CK's or LZ's. Look alike anyway. X)

My fishball+fishcake soup noodles. Nice fishballs.

See? I told you they look alike.

Desserts! Keke..I couldn't escape from Kim Gary in the end! CK says it has all kinds of snacks and desserts so yeah, that's my condensed milk..toast? Super big and thick.

The lychee ice which was so sweet you feel like you're eating sugar. It goes well with the bread though!

Chocolate ice! The coloured chocolate rice makes it very kiddy-ish XD.

The Kim Gary waitress has better photography skills than the Canton-i waiter.

What are you doing LZ?

Profile Pic! :P I want to see your bear in Manchester okay.
Dinner at Tony Roma's. The prices on the menu made me go O.O . But it makes it easier for me to choose what to order heh.

French loaf with spiced butter.

Cream mushroom soup. Dad's dinner.

Sweet Cherry.

Mum's dish which I forgot the name.

Cheapest main course -- fish and chips. Super big portion! Had to keep distributing to my dad lol.

Pie Tee -- from little Penang kafe at KLCC. Sounds special, looks cute, tastes good.

My new handphone pouch. I knew I had to get it the moment I saw it. (:

Pepero! It made my day on the first night.

The watch.

I fell into a deep well of guilt and depression after buying it though. *why are watches so frigging expensive. why did i bring up the idea of buying a watch* Foul mood the whole afternoon and vowed not to buy anything after that. The only comfort was the fact that I didn't buy any clothes at all. Felt so stressed when my mum was nagging me for not buying a single piece of attire and kept on pestering me to find some. I wanted to burst and tell her I can't do it and that I regret buying the watch but no, how can I say so when there's no turning back. It'll only make them more frustrated at me. @.@

At that point, I got wary if it's a common fear others around the world might have too. Fear of spending money. I searched up and sure enough, there are plenty others who have the same condition as me. It is called "chrometophobia" - derived from "chrimata" which means money in Greek. Wth. So please try to understand if I just have to be a miser sometimes. TT I'll try to only be stingy to myself.

how can i replace my camera in this kind of situation. SOBS. ):

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