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Clutch of Inspirations

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September 5, 2010
i want to scratch. @ 8:57 PM

DSC02948 opt

Holidays are gonna be over soon. Trying badly to appreciate every moment of it. Please pass slower, time...


What on earth is wrong with my skin. I hate rashes ): Even if it's minor. It itches like hell and I feel like tearing off my skin. groan groan groan. Worst thing is I don't even know what provoked it in the first place so I have no idea if it's an allergy or what. TT What a horrible feel. Now I don't even dare to play violin because my chin and neck (affected area) will be in contact with the chin rest and shoulder rest...*imagines the virus spreading onto my violin and getting back to me again next time* Yuck!

Okay I'll stop grumbling (: If only it helps to cure lol.

DSC03271 opt

DSC03269b opt

Has been raining all day. Oh wait it has stopped! The rain must have been waiting for me to say this. XD

AND I FEEL LIKE SCRATCHING ): How am I supposed to sleep like that?

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