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Clutch of Inspirations

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September 25, 2010
annyeong from rainyland @ 8:44 PM

Left the land of sunshine on Tuesday evening.

Oil palms whizzing past outside the car window. :P

Starting off with the long flights. It goes like Miri-Kuching-KL-Dubai-Manchester. Thank God the first flight was only delayed 15 mins...heart thumping like mad when the delay announcement came on. Why does MAS flights get delayed so frequently! And even damaged my luggage handle. ): Boooo. They should learn from Emirates, who upgraded me to business class! Hurraaay! :D Fancy me not realizing until a staff at the boarding gate told me...I could have enjoyed some privileges at the business class lounge or something! What a pity.

Just sat down and the air stewardess was already offering me juice or champagne.

The business class seats were upstairs. It was quite empty though. All the Caucasian elderly couples..I guess I was the only youngster lol.

Side table with drinks and a mini tv(?).

The entire seat for one. (:

My entire row was empty except for me hahah!

The food and drinks just keep coming...I miss the croissants and muffins O.O


Arriving in Manchester, I found out it was not cold at all. Especially when Denise at the hall reception told me I had to go to Wright Robinson Hall to register before I can get my room keys. = = Climbing up the stairs with a 21kg luggage, a violin case and a backpack is NOT easy too. Almost toppled down the stairs together with all my stuff phew. Lesson learnt? Don't reject people's offer to help you carry things. Lol. And don't overestimate your strength. XD

Thanks to sis, ck and lz for cooking dinner. I'll make up for it later hahah. Got way too tired that first night...kept falling asleep whilst you guys were chatting. Idle for more than 5 secs and I start nodding away.

Naturally I slept like a pig at night...jet-lag.

The 2nd night when we decided to settle our own dinners due to fatigue. Went shopping for necessities again.

Rights..my new room! Though it's smaller than the one last year, I still love it. A change in layout is always desirable.

Looking out.

Looking down. That's the hotel premises, not ours. X)

My bed! :D

:: 규 ::

Study table. New table lamp yay.

Shelf no.1.

Shelf no.2.

My new violin! There goes my $$... Thanks mummy for paying for half of the price! Bye bye to my old violin which I traded in. You've been a wonderful companion all these time.

A brand new semester shall be starting soon. They say that 2nd year is real tough. I'll have to make sure I manage my time well and study hard..must not mess up and get transferred from MEng to BEng! Please help me be disciplined, Lord! (: And cure my skin problems and chapped lips please?

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2 muffins for me


no more fit-the-width-of-your-blog pictures? kinda miss it LOL. i labelled my title as "hello from gloomy day" at first LOL then changed it. after tat i came to see your blog and wonder why the title so simliar! we think alike ;)

By OpenID ripplesoftruth, at September 26, 2010 at 8:37 AM  

aiyo..camera/skills not good. Too big become very pixelated.

Hahah..we read each other's blog too much!

By Blogger caro1229, at September 27, 2010 at 3:19 PM  

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