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September 30, 2010
i have to goo! @ 7:28 PM

Lectures are gonna start again real soon. Like an hour later. We've been having a Professional and Career Development workshop the past few days, with companies like Cargill and BP coming over to guide us through the sessions. It was boring at times, fun at times. Naturally the boredom is because of the talks. The games and presentations are the fun side. Okay, maybe the presentation is not all that fun since it made me a bit nervous. That was from Procter and Gamble's session where they gave us lots of their products to choose from and advertise the chosen one. Phil from my group got us the Fairy dishwashing liquid at first, which we simply could not think of what to talk about. So we got IAMS Cat Food instead. Natural wellness, made from Norwegian Salmon. Lol.

But the trading game was fun, though it was kind of confusing at first. It's basically about buying and selling oranges/sugar/orange juice. The prices go up and down all the while so we had to predict what happens next and decide how much you wanna buy or sell each round. What makes it intense is we have a timer running every time so you have to complete the trading form and rush out to submit it to the 'market' next to the elevators. XD Anyway, yeah, the whole game was quite new to me but yay, our team won in our stream, both in the practice and actual rounds! ^^ Don't ask me how. We didn't really do very well actually!

Rights. Time to rush to my first lecture of the sem! I love last minute blogging, don't I?
P.S: Wheeeeeee! Way to go, Lee ChongWei! He beat Lin Dan in the Japan Open Finals! :D

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Hello Caro
You seem like a good person, a Christian, who wants to do the right thing, so you might like to know that some of those companies you mentioned and are thinking of working for are considered downright evil by many people. Proctor & Gamble have a terrible reputation. You mention IAMs, do you know this product is associated with immense crueltyy to animals?: http://www.iamscruelty.com/ Other of their products too: http://www.wesleyan.edu/wsa/warn/pandg.htm 50,000 animals a year die as a result of their cruel experiments on them. Yet it's not just cruelty to other living creatures, they are unethical in many other ways, too, as you can read here: http://www.endevil.com/blacklist.html
There are many Christian groups in the US who oppose Proctor & Gamble, and, though their reasons & theories seem a too religiously fervent & offbeat to me, (they have been associated with Satanism) you, being a strong Christian, might find them interesting: http://swiftreport.blogs.com/news/2005/02/christian_group.html (Personally, I am not a Christian, just someone who is oppose to all the evil going down in the world.) BP also have a bad reputation, but, then again, all the oil companies do. Well, just thought I'd pass this info on. It's up to you and your conscience whether you think it's worth paying attention to or not.

By Anonymous MG, at October 2, 2010 at 1:53 AM  

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