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Clutch of Inspirations

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November 2, 2010
Migration @ 6:23 AM

Hello, yes people, I have moved again! Sorry for the sudden migration X) It’s for convenience reasons. Besides, wordpress has a nicer dashboard and editing pages..though the templates are really a big thumbs-down ): Anyway, see you there at my new place then!

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0 muffins for me

October 20, 2010
Weekend getaway @ 1:36 AM

So as mentioned in my previous post, I embarked on my extremely short holiday on the day Kyu(& his tour group lol) flew back home. Why did I go all the way down to South England just for 2 days? It was a one-in-a-million chance to meet up with iya! (:

Woke up at 4 something in the morning and walked to Piccadilly station with Ying, who bought my ticket which was otherwise going to waste since I am travelling to Oxford first. :P Had a bad time on trains with tummyaches and a big scare of thinking I took the wrong train.

But of course, I arrived in Oxford safely and spent my free time wandering around with my hand-copied little road map of the town. XD

Statue in the Ashmolean Museum. It's the world's first university museum! Belongs to Oxford University. The name "Ashmolean" came from Elias Ashmole who collected works for the museum back then.

Statues bigger than me! O.O

Hahah. I think I saw a similiar sculpture in one of the Korean variety shows before!

Finally gathered with Iya, Beni and Kelly in front of the Randolph Hotel and off we were to the Cotswold! It's the largest area of AONB in England. (: I've now been to two AONB's! yay.

First stop - Burford. A cheery little town with a street full of shops.

Are you smiling for my camera, uncle? XD

Iya with her paws and red ivy leaves!

Me. Very tempted to sneak into people's garden to have a look.

I bet this place is beautiful when it snows.

Free eating apples :D But mostly rotten/oxidized.

Pretty cookies packages on window display.

And the reason to everyone bending down is?? X)

Bench = take photo! Lol.

Moving on, we arrived at Bibury. I looove this place. We all do.

Swans and ducks swimming in the stream. It's a trout stream actually but the water level is quite low recently so there weren't much trouts around.

Hello swan.

Arlington Row which Henry Ford once attempted to buy. Lovely cottages with higgledy-piggledy tiles, sloping gables and low roofs. They were occupied by the weavers back in the 17th century.

It seemed wrong to take this picture when the cute little sign there reads "Private". But I thought it could be for decoration purpose so I still photographed...thought it would make a nice picture. Then someone tugged at the curtains to shoo me away. ><>


If only we can have four seasons garden in Malaysia lol.

Scattered autumn leaves.


By the waters. (:

Lunch place - Windrush Garden Cafe.

Joker welcoming us upon arrival at Henley Street, Stratford-upon-Avon.

The house where Shakespeare was bornt in 1564.

Shakespeare Theatre in the background.

Pondering together with Hamlet.

On the train to London Paddington.

Money eaten by underground tubes ); Depreeessing. I suddenly love Manchester.

Crispy beef noodles at Chinatown. Sweet and sour pork too. Someone was extreeemely happy to have rice and pork. X)

Heavenly Chocolate Macadamia from Ben and Jerry! I'm having an addiction D:

National Art Gallery at Trafalgar Square, with perfect sunshine and clear blue sky.

I think I look comical here lol. Messy hair.

Big Ben and London Eye.

House of Parliament.

Westminster Abbey. I really should be moving on to Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and Hyde Park. Hyde Park in daytime!

Road in Belsize Park.

From me to iya...

...from iya to me! (: Along with Cebu dried mangoes! Thanks!!

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