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October 8, 2010
Last month of Autumn @ 12:02 AM

My 2nd week in Manchester has passed. And the 1st week of my new semester. Mondays and Tuesdays are now the more tortuous days of the week. Case of monday blues worsening. =/

Lectures have been such a hurry. Let your brain idle or drift for 10 secs you're gonna get lost and spend the next 10 minutes in a meddle trying to figure out what's going on. On second thought, maybe you don't even need to lose focus to face that problem. Gladly, I didn't get too sleepy in class recently. Good nights' sleeps -- so good that I never got woken up by my hall's screeching fire alarm in the middle of the night. Seriously amazing! My flatmates (and I) were dumbfounded that I didn't hear it amidst my sleep. Their expressions were like -- *blank* -- did-I-heard-wrongly-what-she-said. Lol...I must have moulded a sleeping pig impression for myself.

Thanks Dee for the mooncake~ (; It's taking me ages to finish it, if I ever do.

We popped in at Ee Jane and Benny's apartment after the MSSM Raya Open House on Saturday afternoon! Totally loove it~ So homey and nice. Maybe because of the wood flooring which I have always wished for. The big windows are also a plus, basking the raised living-room area with airy sunlight. (: must hunt for a nice apartment to stay in next year!

Spot Kenny from South Park! X) So emo. Gazing down at the streets?

I bought my coat! And a bag on discount yesterday. Oh no caroline is turning into a shopaholic?! 안돼! >< Ahh I didn't buy this black coat. I bought the beige one hanging there..not gonna show pic of me wearing it here yet until I really wear it out. XD

Went to a Japanese shop called Samsi and was deceived by the sign on top that reads Pocky Giant. ): There weren't any.

There were a lot of other products imported from Japan though.

Tadaaa~ but I can't read Japanese hahah.

Walked until my feet felt like they were about to just break and fall apart yesterday afternoon. There were lots of special students discounts going on at Arndale. Ying and I hung around from noon to 6pm, experiencing once again the swift change in Manchester weather. It was still all sunny and lovely at Piccadilly. Reaching Arndale area, the rain was crashing down and making my feet all wet. Blahs. Later we spent 0.5 hour queueing up at the Winter Information Desk and got a McDonald value meal voucher each! Wished I got a 5 pounds gift card instead!! T_T

Twiggy was sunbathing today, in the rare golden sunshine that flooded my room. Or was he staring at his reflection.. X)

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